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Water Sign Partner Traits - Can you navigate the Water?

After the fire comes the flood. So naturally after looking at Fire signs last time, we’ll be taking a look into the Water signs to gain insight into their personality types. Will your ideal match be found in the water?

If you want an ideas person then a person with the Cancer sign is usually a great choice. Not only that, they are unlikely to expect anything in return for their loyalty towards you. They sound almost too good to be true.

If you can handle their fear of failure, where they may abandon their post if they experience it, you’ll also need to be aware that they can be quite moody by nature. Then again, most people are prone to mood swings, maybe just on a lesser scale.

A female born under the Cancer star sign is going to require an amount of patience. You’ll be rewarded when you tap into their sensuality and passion that they only show to the patient few. A Cancer male might be slow on the uptake but once they pick up speed, you’ll be hit with romance, gifts and flirtatious behaviour.

A brave and strong focussed individual will probably belong to the Water sign of Scorpio. They will do their best to succeed through any situation and are quite ambitious by nature as you can tell. You’ll find that a Scorpio is also deeply faithful and tend to keep their promises.

A Scorpio can lack trust in other people. They are often suspicious of those around them as they feel the need to protect what is theirs and this can come across as jealous or possessive. They also love to be in control but have a sensitive side when it comes to adverse treatment.

Scorpio females present a challenge. Often said to be emotional and demanding they can keep you on your toes. Fascinating and with a penchant for flair, you’ll be under their seductive spell if you’re not careful. Scorpio men are separate from all other men. They mirror the Scorpio woman but in a more masculine way and you won’t have too many problems seducing them. They seldom let you see their vulnerable side even though they may be feeling these emotions regularly.

One of the most compassionate star signs is that of the Pisces. They’re always helpful and are well capable of thinking outside of the ordinary. They are also kind and gentle and love to show their affection when given the chance.

If they don’t care about something, don’t expect them to make much of an effort. They also like to blame mistakes on bad luck and avoid taking responsibility when things go awry. You may also need to be careful what you say around them as it doesn’t take much for them to become emotional.

A Pisces female loves to feel protected as by nature they are very feminine. She is aware of what’s going on around her so don’t try to trick her. Captivating and charming, she’ll flourish if you are willing to take control and lead the way. If you want a sensitive man, then the Pisces male is your ideal choice. Romantic and up for a challenge, he can often chase the sort of woman that’s off limits. Be firm but sensitive with him and you’ll get the best out of him.

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