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Morning Or Evening Sex, Which Comes First In Your Relationship?

You all know that sex can be great, especially when you’re in the mood, but when is the best time of day to experience this pleasure?

A lot of couples have issues with their timing preferences for sex with their partner. Often when they’re in the mood you’re not and vice versa so it can cause problems for couples. Men and women are wired differently and so most likely feel urges at different times to each other. Here we take a somewhat lighthearted at times approach to finding reasons for one over the other.

Morning sex is better than evening sex because;

  • you’re already warm and snuggly so no cold body parts will be working their way around your vulnerable body
  • it’s more spontaneous as it’s the first thing you’ve thought about since waking up
  • it’s going to be more intimate as you’re both likely to be refreshed but still half asleep and more sensual
  • males have a naturally increased testosterone level meaning that you’re going to get more out of them
  • if you make a mess of the bed sheets you have to get up anyway so changing them isn’t such a chore
  • it’s a great workout for your day and you won’t feel so guilty about having a hearty breakfast
  • it will put a smile on at least one of your faces for the rest of the day
  • it’s a valid excuse to be getting out of bed late
  • men, if you haven’t brought your A game and don’t think you’re going to get her there, you have the ready-made excuse that you need to go and pee
  • you’re probably already dressed appropriately for the occasion

Evening sex is better than morning sex because;

  • you’re not as clean after a night’s sleep and no doubt haven’t brushed your teeth before you try and seduce your partner
  • you’ve probably been thinking about what you want to do to your partner for some part of the day and have a game plan in your mind
  • it is more likely to be the style of sex that you most want it to be as you’re fully awake and prepared
  • the couple needs to intensify the moment to keep the male things up and running making it more passionate
  • if you’re worn out afterwards you can just cuddle or roll over and go to sleep but with morning sex you most likely still have a full day of work to do
  • you’re not pushed for time before the alarm clock rings
  • you are less likely to be interrupted by any children entering your room
  • you don’t have to make up an excuse for being late to work
  • you’re less likely to be stopped in the middle by the urge to use the bathroom
  • you get to slowly, or quickly whichever is your preference, undress each other and visualise things as they appear

If your timings don’t match up with those of your partners it doesn’t mean that you can’t kick start those urges in them when you are feeling it. If your girl isn’t always ready for morning sex, you can build her up by stimulating her erogenous zones.

Whether your preference is morning or evening, if it differs from your partner’s then try to find ways to give each other the best of both worlds. Your partner will feel happy that you’re willing to consider their needs and so will most likely be more willing to reciprocate to fulfill yours.

What are your reasons that morning sex is better than evening sex or does evening sex win out for you?

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