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Do You Know How To Arouse Your Girl Sensually To Ensure Satisfaction?

Your girl has just climaxed and you’re feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself. You’re almost air high-fiving yourself as a gratified woman means a highly chuffed partner. Pleasing your girl boosts your ego and is highly satisfying for both of you. The feeling is almost one of accomplishment. It’s certainly one to start or finish the day on a high.

But just how satisfied is she really? Sure, you’ve helped her reach the destination but did she get to enjoy the journey? Did you take the full route or was it the secret short cut that you’ve come to know.

Whilst we’re in the digital age of instant gratification, a woman’s desires aren’t always as instantly fulfilled. Often a slow burn is desired to light the flames, just not too slow.

There are multiple erogenous zones on the female body and finding out which stimulates your partner the most should be top of your priorities.

There are plenty of nerve endings in the nape of her neck. Start by caressing the nape with your fingertips before moistening your lips and applying plenty of soft smooth kisses. This will help to stimulate those nerves and will most likely give her goosebumps. If she exposes more of her neck to you then you know you’re on the right track.

Turn your beautiful girl around to face you and gently start to plant soft, sensual and moist kisses on her lips. At the same time, keep tracing your fingertips up and down gently on the nape of her neck. Follow her lead and if she wants deeper firmer kisses, she’ll instigate them.

Move your hands slowly down from her neck so you can start caressing the small of her back gently with your fingers. You’ll stimulate the nerve endings in the back as the skin coverage is much thinner than other parts of her body.

You have two hands, so use them both. Move one hand down to her chest and start to stimulate one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Her nipples are sensitive and ensure you read how she reacts to you touching them. Start softly and listen to her body. Trace her breast with your hand and then caress the nipple between your finger and thumb before massaging her breast with your whole hand if that’s the message she’s giving you.

Kiss your way down with your lips and use your tongue to further stimulate the nipples. Remember to take your time, she’s probably in no rush and wants to enjoy the moment as long as she can. Use your now spare hand on the skin of her inner thigh. Caress and squeeze it lovingly. The proximity of it to her vagina means her anticipation levels with rise like flood waters in a storm.

When the waters have risen, move on to her vagina and find the centre piece of sensitivity, the clitoris. Be gentle as it is the most sensitive part, adjust to her responses and really pay attention to her reaction. It will guide you as to how much pressure or how soft you have to be to achieve the maximum effect for her.

Both of you are there to enjoy each other and the precious shared moment. It’s essential you listen to her body to maximise the experience. She knows how to pace herself and what she wants so listen to her body and what she’s telling you through these reactions.

Remember that the journey doesn’t have to start and finish in the bedroom. Remember to enjoy the scenic route and delight in the full countryside together.

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