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Love Languages And Zodiac Signs

In this article we explore further into Zodiac Star Signs and specifically to find out if there is a link between your partner’s love language and their star sign. First let us take a look at the love languages before delving into any possible links to star signs.

Gary Chapman has defined five love languages in order to help understand how people prefer to receive love the most.

Receiving Gifts is as simple as it sounds. It’s the act of giving a gift to someone special who then has the pleasure of receiving it. It is an excitement similar to children on their birthday. It just makes them feel loved. People with this love language just love it when they are given a gift that you have taken the time to pick out especially for them.

You will often hear people saying that they just want to spend some Quality Time together. This is all they ask and all they need to be happy with you in a relationship. If you can give your time and attention, they will feel all the love that they need.

Some people really just need a confidence boost or reassurance. Those with the love language of Words of Affirmation need to hear those comforting words to stop them from feeling insecure. They may always do good things but they will never tire of hearing praise from you. It can make a huge difference to their security if they get the constant affirmation they require.

Acts of Service (devotion) is merely the effort of doing things for someone. They really appreciate it when you take the time to do something for them. Whether it be cooking a meal, making the bed or doing any kind of favor. The phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ is appropriate because actions mean more to people who have this as their love language.

Physical Touch is another of the five love languages. Simply holding hands, giving a cuddle or even a hand on the shoulder gives the receiver a sense of love and comfort that they crave. They long to feel your touch as it reminds them that you are present with them.

Now let’s take a look at which zodiac star sign falls into which love language. This may help you to love your partner in a way that is more meaningful to them.

Air signs of Gemini and Libra have a strong liking of words of affirmation. Giving them some verbal praise and encouragement will mean the world to them and help to keep your relationship healthy. They also love the reassurance of text messages telling them how you feel and that you miss them. Luckily for you that words are free but as much as they love words of affirmation, words can also cut really deeply if they’re not what they want to hear.

Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus are joined Fire sign Leo in the love languages. They all love to receive gifts. They don’t have to be expensive gifts but you will reap the rewards of a healthy relationship if you spoil them with a gift every now and then. They’ll love you for it. The more thoughtful the gift, the more they’ll feel loved.

If you’re with a Sagittarius, Cancer or Aquarius, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of quality time with your loved one. This will provide them with the reassurance that they long for and show them your love in a language they’ll understand and really appreciate.

Pisces and Virgo prefer you to show your love by your actions. It means more than any words when you do something to prove your love for them. This love language may take more effort than the others but it’s a small price to pay for a happy relationship. It’s can be small things like offering to pick them up from somewhere even if it’s out of your way, it will mean so much to them. If their happiness is your happiness it will be very rewarding for you both.

Aries and Water sign Scorpio love to feel the reassuring physical touch of their loved one. It makes them feel close and gives them that tangible sign of love that they crave. It’s easy to hold hands when you first start out but it means just as much to them when you hold their hand even after many years of being together. Most of us love a comforting hug from time to time but it’s vitally important for those people with physical touch as their love language.

Each person has their own individual preferences and may not fall into the love languages and star signs we’ve paired together. This article is purely a guide but once you can identify their love language, you will have the key to their heart so be gentle with how you care for it.

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