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Earth Sign Partner Traits – Can You Tread The Earth?

First there was the Fire and then the Water came flooding in. Let’s have a look now into the state of the Earth signs and put their personality types under the microscope. Will you find your ideal match walking the earth?

Is generosity a key trait you’re looking for in your ideal match? If so, a person with the star sign of Taurus may well be worth pursuing. Couple this with being independent and patient, they may well seem like an ideal partner if you’re looking for something safe and stable with someone.

Sure they may come across as lazy when they are not interested in something, or even possessive of the things that they have. But if you can keep them interested, maybe you can handle their jealousy or even enjoy it.

Incredibly patient, a Taurus woman will use all of their powers of seduction to get what or who they want, no matter how long it takes them. You’ll see her down to earth side and will openly show off her affection for you. A Taurus man is practical by nature. Expect them to place you high on a pedestal and show you a decent amount of romance.

Struggling with a problem? The analytical Virgo will help to solve your conundrum. Intelligent by nature and always on the look out to learn new things, they’ll be happy to help. Virgo’s are also known for their attention for detail.

On the other side of the coin, Virgo’s usually have a dislike for something that doesn’t meet their standards. They won’t sugar coat anything for you either and this can be an issue with their judgmental nature.

Dig deeper than the surface of a Virgo lady and you’ll find her to be passionate and strong. She’ll be in it for the long term so expect to go a little slower and build up your relationship steady with her. Expect the Virgo male to be a little more loyal than a lot of others. He’ll keep his emotions at arm’s length so you’re better off leaving them there and things should turn out rosy.

If you like spreadsheets and facts, you’re most likely to be a Capricorn. The practical and wise horoscope star sign ensures that they make their decisions based on facts rather than impulse or their emotions.

However, a Capricorn does tend to be shy, at least at first, so you may have to work hard to make them feel comfortable with you. They also tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full although this might only be their initial opinion prior to assessing all of their facts.

A lady Capricorn expects to be treated like a lady. You’ll need to woo her and she’ll lead you through the relationship with direction and loyalty. The male version doesn’t outwardly expose their emotions but they do still feel them inwardly. They’re a little hard to read but are quite possibly the most faithful among all men. You may even be pleasantly surprised by their hidden or unexpected romantic side.

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