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Air Sign Partner Traits – Can You Take To The Air?

Attracted to the warmth of the Fire, the quenching of the Water or the grandness of the Earth? If not, then let the Air signs consume you as we put their personality types to the test. Can you see your ideal match in the air?

If you love being entertained by the enthusiasm of another person then you may well want to consider a Gemini. You’ll never be bored in their company as their sharp wit will keep you smiling far more than you realize.

You may potentially not be so keen on their inability to make a decision or the seeming ease at which they get bored and lose focus. They can also tend to be rather anxious as they seem to have a habit of putting more on their plate than they can cope with.

A female Gemini may seem a little casual in a relationship. If you can keep her challenged and nurtured then you will reap the rewards of an enchanting partner. Dating a male Gemini will quite possibly be one of the best experiences due to their talkative nature. Just don’t expect to keep them all to yourself as they seldom let themselves be tied down.

Do you crave someone to listen to your points of view? Are your views somewhat different from the norm? If so, maybe a diplomatic Libra will be high on your compatibility list. They’re always willing to listen no matter what opinion you have. They’re also said to be both charming and romantic.

If you yourself are indecisive, a Libra may not be an ideal match as they can often struggle to make any kind of decision. They’re good at faking appearances to avoid getting offside with other people. Unreliability or a penchant for changing their mind is also quite prominent characteristics.

A Libra woman can be quite the seductress if you manage to create the right environment on your dates. Keep it classy and you may see what we’re talking about. Charming and popular with the ladies is the Libra man. Being able to empathise and see your point of view results in the male being successful in his of seduction. Be careful not to nag them too much for a decision, they may fold under pressure. Make it for them.

An Aquarius personality is one of the friendliest of the character types. They play their small part in trying to make a difference in the world, for the better. It’s also said that they have the ability to be financially and emotionally independent.

You may notice a lack of compromise among them. They tend to go all in or all out, seldom is there a middle ground. An Aquarius may also be somewhat unpredictable and therefore hard to keep happy in a relationship. You may also find their behaviour and decision making is related very closely to their current mood.

If you want a female that will never be clingy, then an Aquarius lady is probably a dream catch for you. Ensure you treat her like a lady and be patient enough to let her grow into the relationship. For the male, you need to be able to stimulate or challenge them mentally. Use your intellect to keep them hooked whilst being adaptable as you could be required to meet their methods rather than them meeting yours.

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