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Summer Means Swimwear! How Do You Choose Yours?

Summer is here and you’ve looked in the wardrobe and realized that your swimwear could do with a bit of a sprucing up. We’re here to help so we’ve created Qlocherie’s guide to swimwear for individual body types to help you make the perfect choice.Rectangle – also called Straight, Banana or AthleticThe main focus when choosing swimwear for a rectangle [...]

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The Secret Reason To Own A Corset

Ladies own Corsets for a variety of reasons, largely to do with appearance and health benefits. But there’s a secret benefit of wearing a Corset you’ll never believe.Corsets have been around for centuries and have tended to drift in and out of fashion as different benefits are uncovered. We’re going to look at five known benefits of wearing a Corset, [...]

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Finding The Perfect Lingerie For Your Body Shape - Common Body Shapes And Their Ideal Lingerie Styles

Do you know that your body size is not your body shape? Here we discuss five common body shapes for lingerie purposes. See if you can work out your body shape and your lingerie style that fits well.Rectangle (Straight)Rectangle body shape is the most common body shape among women. To be classed as having a rectangle body shape, your [...]

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Everybody Loves Lingerie - 3 Popular Lingerie Styles Explained

Sexy Lingerie is fast becoming a hidden driving force in a woman’s armory. For sure, a racy Teddy, Sheer Chemise (or Slip as they’re commonly known), Camisole and Babydoll can enhance your love making experience, but women are also gaining more from their Lingerie.As part of your regular day to day work wear, almost completely hidden away beneath your outfit, [...]

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