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Summer Means Swimwear! How Do You Choose Yours?

Summer is here and you’ve looked in the wardrobe and realized that your swimwear could do with a bit of a sprucing up. We’re here to help so we’ve created Qlocherie’s guide to swimwear for individual body types to help you make the perfect choice.

Rectanglealso called Straight, Banana or Athletic

The main focus when choosing swimwear for a rectangle body shape should be to create curvature and cleverly conceal some of our straight lines. Luckily there are options in both one-piece and bikini swimwear that can do just that.

Bikini with ruffles can prove effective as the focus is firmly on the ruffle part of the bikini. Triangle Bikinis are another two piece option and are great at breaking up the straight lines and replacing them with a slightly curvier look.

One piece cut-out swimsuits from the Monokini range are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of curvature as the natural lines of the swimsuit are designed to do exactly that.

Bandeau Bikinis are possibly the least effective at concealing the straight lines but if you find one that you love and feel comfortable in then go for it.

Being blessed with a rectangle body shape means that you have a good selection of swimwear types to choose from. You just need to find one that catches your eye.

Black Fringe MonokiniRed Plunge MonokiniTriangle Bikini With Ruffles

  1. Black Fringe Monokini
  2. Red Plunge Monokini
  3. Triangle Bikini With Ruffles

Pearalso called Triangle 

As pear shape figures are generally blessed with bigger hips, the focus is not to create a curvature look but rather to lift the eyes and emphasize the top half of the body. There are a variety of ways to achieve this top half emphasis and also some to avoid.

A solid color Bikini is a good starting point. This immediately enables an equal focus on top and bottom. To raise that focus, we suggest considering a plunge neck swimwear. A plunging neckline will work even better if it is paired with halter straps as the color is more spread out to catch the attention.

Adjustable straps on a Bikini bottom are also ideal as they allow you a little extra freedom to correctly adjust the size to your hips. This means that your Bikini bottom can be adjusted to best flatter your curves.

A top in a lighter and brighter print is also a great way of drawing attention away from the hips. A high waisted Bikini bottom is also worthy of consideration as it comfortably provides the hips with an elegant amount of cover.

Bandeau Bikini With High WaistBandeau Bikini With Adjustable Ties

  1. High Waisted Bandeau Bikini
  2. Bandeau Bikini With Adjustable Ties

Bandeau Bikinis are best suited to your body shape more than any other body shape. Generally offering support and padding for the breasts as well as offering full view of your flat tummy, and abs if you’ve been working out, that mostly comes with the curvy pear.

Some considerations that you may wish to avoid are exceptionally busy prints and bottoms that are complete with details. These details will only draw the attention downwards to the hips.

Remember, the emphasis for a pear shaped body type should be the top half. However, the main quality of swimwear should be that you feel comfortable and enjoy what you’re wearing. Keeping that in mind, enjoy looking around and hopefully you’ll find something that loves your great figure as much as you do.

Hour Glass

Hour glass, the curvy goddess of the body types. You’re blessed with being able to look fantastic in almost any swimwear. You have a freedom of choice when it comes to finding something that will help you to look and feel fantastic.

Halter Bikini is always a great choice for the hour glass figure. If you can find one that sits perfectly on your wait then that is the optimum style the Bikini bottom will sit in a perfect position to really help you highlight your figure.

In the Swimsuit range, anything with cut-outs is ideal as it allows your curves to shine through the Swimsuit and make the most of your look.

We do suggest that you may wish to stick to a Bikini set if you’re going for a two piece. Mixing and matching tops and bottoms is one of the few strategies that may detract from your curvy figure. The attention will be drawn to too many different places and your shape could be lost amongst the contrasting colors or prints.

Halter Bikini With Double Strap Bottom

Halter Bikini With Double Strap Bottom


The curvy and generally busty figure. Choosing swimwear for you is all about best showing off your features. Blessed both at the top and the bottom, the name of the game here is mainly about support.

A Bikini with an underwire top is ideal for affording the additional support that you may like. A thicker strap can also lend a hand in supporting your breasts whilst also making your shoulders appear smaller than they are.

Solid colors also get the best results for the apple shape. Even a plain top with a bottom that is patterned will still look great. So you’re also a little spoilt for choice.

A high waisted bottom can be a great look for an apple figure. It can really help to highlight your legs and make them shine.

It’s possible you may wish to avoid swimwear that has thin straps. These may not offer as much support as you need and could possibly result in an easier than usual spillage.

Halter Top Brazilian Bikini Set

Halter Bikini Brazilian Swimwear Set

General Tips

Having said all of the above, it is important to find something that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing. If you’re unsure, seek the advice of an honest and trusted friend and get their opinion.

A broad shouldered lady may wish to consider a one shoulder Bikini or Swimsuit. This will help provide a perfect amount of coverage and give the appearance of smaller shoulders.

If you are bum conscious and have a slightly fuller derrière, you may feel more comfortable in a Swimdress or Skirt Bikini. These allow for a bit more coverage of bum and may offer you additional peace of mind.

Bandeau Bikini Set With One Shoulder StrapSkirt Bikini Set With One Shoulder Strap

  1. Bandeau Bikini Set With Shoulder Strap
  2. Skirt Bikini With Shoulder Strap

Remember, summer is a great time and when choosing swimwear the only opinion that really matters is your own. So go with something you love the look of and that you know you’re going to enjoy wearing.

How do you choose yours?

Do you consider what's the best swimwear for your skin tone?

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