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Finding The Perfect Lingerie For Your Body Shape - Common Body Shapes And Their Ideal Lingerie Styles

Do you know that your body size is not your body shape? Here we discuss five common body shapes for lingerie purposes. See if you can work out your body shape and your lingerie style that fits well.

Rectangle (Straight)

Rectangle body shape is the most common body shape among women. To be classed as having a rectangle body shape, your bust, waist and hips should all be of a similar size. This means that there is generally little or no curve definition down the side of your body and that your body shape is usually defined by your rib cage, hence the straighter sides.

You may find that your waist may be up to eight inches lesser than your bust and that your tummy may be of an average size. Typically you will have flat shoulders. However, all of this does not mean that you will have a flat bottom as you may well still be blessed with a curvy behind.

If you have a rectangle body shape, you are far from alone. Almost half of all women are said to sport this body type. Simply by choosing something with a ruffle or frilly edge, you will be able to add more texture to your look.

Still wanting more? If you can don a bra that has the capability of taking your bust up a size, you can easily add a little shape to help define your features.

 Strapless Chemise Lingerie Slip In Stretch Lace Design

Satin Strapless Chemise Lingerie Slip In Stretch Lace Design

Inverted Triangle

Imagine placing a triangle with the flat edge just below your chin, running across your shoulders whilst the pointy end is hanging down the middle of your body at about thigh height. This helps, albeit exaggerated, to picture the body shape of someone who possesses an inverted triangle figure.

Broad shoulders that are often straight and square lend themselves to showing a top heavy figure. You may be blessed with a fuller bust whilst having a smaller waist size. Couple this with narrow or flat hips and quite often a flat bum will generally mean that your body shape fits the description of an inverted triangle.

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you are in the minority as it is generally considered to be the least common of the five body shapes described. Roughly only eight percent of women are considered to be of this shape. A sexy, loose fitting Babydoll can be the perfect lingerie item for the inverted triangle is it effortlessly deflects the attention away from the smaller waist.

As with the rectangle body shape, a bra that can boost your bust size up a notch offer a simple and effective way of adding a little extra shape.

Romantic Babydoll Lingerie With Lace Details

Romantic Babydoll Lingerie With Lace Details

Pear (Triangle)

A sumptuous pear, of the fruit variety, is a great example of the shape of this body type and one from which it obviously shares a name. Just like a pear, this body shape starts smaller at the top and curves out closer to the bottom before drawing back in slightly further down.

Small sloping shoulders at the very top are followed with a smaller chest and a small waist for the thinner end of the pair. Then we come to the fuller part of the shape and this starts at the hips. Curving outwards from the waist to the hips and including the thighs before retreating inwards slightly for the rest of the legs, a pear body shape is the most curvaceous of the five body shapes. A more bottom heavy shape which generally includes a shapelier bum compared to the rest. Your legs could well be more muscular than any other part of your body if you enjoy the body shape of a pear.

If you have a pear, or triangle as it’s sometimes called, body shape then you share a similar figure as roughly one fifth of all women. A garment that sits tightly to your hips is the best way to keep your shape without adding any additional curves. Short-shorts can also be a helpful addition to make the most of your body shape.

If it’s lingerie you’re after, we recommend a Chemise, or Slip as it’s also known, that sits nicely against your body, particularly your hips, to ensure you don’t over expose and that only your best shape is highlighted.

Open Back Stretch Lace Mesh Chemise Garter Slip Lingerie

Open Back Stretch Lace Mesh Chemise Garter Slip Lingerie


A prominently defined waist is the most striking feature of an hourglass body shape. Featuring bust and hips that are proportionate with each other, they both curve inwards to the waist to create the hourglass effect often to dramatic effect.

The hips and bust are fuller in nature when compared to the waist and quite often accompany more lavish thighs for the hour glass body shape. It is often known as the most desired body shape, but even so, some women who carry an hour glass shape still try to cover up their natural curves by wearing loose fitting items.

If you have an hour glass figure, you have a less common body shape than most of the others. An hour glass figure really shows off curves that are flattering in exactly the right places. Lingerie such as a sexy Teddy will ensure that these curves are really brought to the fore.

Intimate Black Mesh Teddy Bodysuit Lingerie With Floral Design

Intimate Black Mesh Teddy Bodysuit Lingerie With Floral Design


Arms that are slim in size are commonplace in the apple body shape when comparing to the rest of the body. Accompanied by legs that are also often slim, it is easy enough to identify an apple body shape when admiring oneself in the mirror.

An apple body shape is generally a top heavy shape that is defined by being wide shouldered whilst having a bust that is a few inches bigger than your hips. You may also be in possession of a flattish bum which helps to create the apple body shape.

If you have an apple body shape, you have a similar body type to roughly fifteen percent of all women. As an apple shape body has a bigger bust, often a V neck or sweetheart style of lingerie is great at attracting the attention to your chest and possibly even your neck. It may help to make the most of your assets and draw attention away from elsewhere if that is your desire.

Romantic Chemise Lingerie Slip In Blue With Black Lace Overlay

Romantic Chemise Lingerie Slip In Blue With Black Lace Overlay

Remember that whatever body shape you currently are blessed with, you probably won’t have it forever. Body shapes change and when they do it is a great excuse, if you need one, to refresh your wardrobe with items that best suit your changing body type. Ensuring you know your body type can go a long way to helping you understand what style of clothing will enable you to make the most of the beautiful figure that makes you, you.

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