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Christmas Gift Inspiration To Suit Your Partner’s Love Language

If you’re struggling to think what to buy your partner this Christmas, have you considered the importance of their love language in your decision making? What are love languages you say? Good question! As our gift to you, here’s an article we wrote earlier to explain the five love languages, and it’s called; Love Languages and Zodiac Signs.

Christmas is an exciting time of year for most couples. The time off work, the festivities, family reunions and of course, the gifts. The gift is one of the elements of Christmas that you have control over and that can make the season extra special. With that in mind, let’s look at some tips for each love language that can give you a head start in choosing the perfect gift for your loved one.

If your partner’s love language is Receiving Gifts then you need to put thought into their gift. It’s not good enough to give just any gift, it needs to be thoughtful as they place significant importance on the gift. Keep in mind that they may also use it as a gauge to how much you care about them. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Has your partner been dropping hints throughout the year that you’ve picked up on? Does something they already have desperately need upgrading or replacing? It’s also important to give a gift they would want, not something that you want. Ensure it is their interest or need that is catered for, not yours. They will love you for it. Remember to keep your ears open for next year too.

If Quality Time is what your partner responds to most then this might take a little bit of effort and commitment on your part. That’s not a bad thing because your relationship will reap the rewards later. In the short term you could plan a movie night at home with them. Just the two of you. Keep your phone well out of sight as it will just take the time away from them to someone else. Cosy couch time with your partner will always go down well.

If you can and are willing to put in extra effort, you can plan a small trip away with each other. Making sure you and your loved one are both present in the moment together without distractions. Going even further, commit to learning something new with each other. Not only will this be useful but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment as a couple.

When your loved one has a love language of Words of Affirmation, remember the card! This can often be more important that the gift. They will most likely keep the card if the words are meaningful, but the gift may not be so well cared for.

You can score points by putting serious thought and meaning into the words you write in their card. Write something that makes them feel loved and shows that you care. If you can, maybe get a card customised to include your message to them. If you want to really nail it, start writing a relationship journal now for next Christmas. Remember to still by your partner a gift but keep in mind that the words will be the most effective and treasured.

Acts of Service can be a love language that is simple or difficult to pacify, depending on your willingness to put in effort and the skills you possess. A simple thing that you can bring out this Christmas is to surprise them with breakfast in bed. If that’s not possible then you could always do some of their chores. Anything less your loved one has to do over the Christmas holiday period will be greatly appreciated.

Is there a project that they have mentioned that needs doing around the house? If so, maybe it’s time to get that organised this Christmas. You still require a gift and a card but the emphasis needs to be in the act of you doing something to serve their needs.

The Physical Touch love language can be simpler to cater for in the short term but trickier in the long term. Buying your partner some massage oils and making time for them to have them caressed onto their body is a lovely but simple way to get Christmas right this year. If you’re not confident in your massaging ability, then you could purchase them a professional or couples’ massage. This takes a little of the personal touch out, but it is still a thoughtful gift based around their love language.

An idea that may require extra effort on your part is to be more affectionate towards them. It doesn’t have to be full on affection but ensuring that your partner can literally feel your presence and your love on an ongoing basis will give them confidence in your relationship. Remembering that it is to serve their needs but if you benefit out of it a little too, where’s the harm in that.

Whatever you decide to do or buy for your partner this Christmas, we hope that you all have a safe and wonderful time and enjoy the benefits of being thoughtful to each other.

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