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​Do You Know How To Keep Your Man Keen For A Healthy Sex Life?

You’ve been dating your man for some time and things have been going pretty well. You like each other’s friends and are equally at home going out or just not really doing much. Suddenly you sense that his interest in sex with you is waning slightly and you’re not sure why or even if your just overthinking things. Or maybe he’s more in the mood than sometimes rather than others and you can’t figure out why.

Let’s look at some ways to keep him interested and how to be more successful in turning him on when you want him to perform.

Learning to say no to him can be a key to keeping him keen in the bedroom. If sex isn’t a certainty then it’s more likely to lead to him trying to seduce you or be more accepting of your advances when you’re in the mood. If sex is on the table for him any time he wants then you might find him less interested on some occasions. He might even try and avoid physical contact for the fear of turning you on. When he doesn’t know the outcome of his or your advances, it can often be enough to get his mind ticking over.

Make him anticipate sex. Kiss him when you’re out in a way that says you want him. It may well play to his ego if other people are watching and see that his girl wants him. It will definitely get his mind exactly where you want it. Whispering in his ear can be a good alternative if you’re not bold enough or think he won’t appreciate the public kiss. By letting him know you want him and knowing he’s going to have to wait will really make the evening more exciting and get him to anticipate what’s going to happen.

Know which part(s) of you he loves most and don’t be afraid to tease him with it. If he is a breast man then make sure you give him glimpses with cleavage showing or see-through outfits that can focus his mind. If he’s in love with your curvy derrière, then dress to show it off to him. Whether it’s jeans that highlight your curves or short shorts that do the same, he’ll love it and won’t be able to keep his eyes, and hands off of you. If he loves your stomach, keep it under wraps until you want it to have an impact and then show it off at the right moment.

Remember to touch his skin. He can be aroused sensually too just like you can. A soft caressing touch can send shivers through his body and will certainly improve his blood circulation. A man is particularly sensitive on his bum, neck and behind his ears. Brush his bum or kiss his neck or behind the ears softly to get those shivers happening. Place your hand on his face before and during your kiss. This has a similar effect whilst also being simple to carry out.

It’s important to know where he likes you to touch so try different places and see how he responds. Remember those that trigger the desired responses but don’t overuse them or they may lose their potency.

Communication is the key as always. Talk to him about sex if the notes aren’t being played as much as you’d like. It’s just as important for you to know how to turn him on as it is for him to know how to arouse his girl to ensure satisfaction. Ask him what he wants and if you’re willing to satisfy those desires then you’ll be on the right path to sexual fulfillment for the both of you. 

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