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Signs He’s Interested In You

Have you ever wondered how to tell if a guy is interested in you? Some of us struggle to tell but others just have an instinct and can see it easily. In case you’re one of the one’s who struggle, we’ve put together a few of the more common signs that are sure fire signs that he’s interested in you.

If he’s nervous around you there’s a good chance it’s because he doesn’t want to do or say the wrong thing with you. He may be fumbling around asking a few different questions to try and find a common topic you can have strike a conversation about. Sometimes this can seem like you’re being interviewed when in reality it’s most likely because he likes you. At least he’s trying. Some guys are genuinely shy and may not be the best at conversations. If he was shy and not into you he’d save himself the awkwardness of trying to find a topic you can turn into a proper conversation. So take it as a compliment that he’s stepping out of his comfort zone to know you.

If there are regular responses to your text messages then this is a good sign too. Particularly if he’s trying to keep the run of text messages going by probing or sending a message that is soliciting another response. He’ll probably also reply to your message even if it doesn’t require a response back. If there’s a longer than usual gap between your message and his reply it’ll usually come with a valid reason as to why it’s taken longer to reply than normal. Just remember to hold back on firing off a second and third text if he hasn’t responded as quick as usual as this may come across as impatient or untrusting.

Not only are his responses regular but he will also proactively contact you either with a phone call or a text message under the guise of seeing how you are. The reason for this is that you’re firmly on his mind and it’s his way of letting you know exactly that. If you get a tinge or flutter of excitement when the message is from him, you know that you’re more than likely into him too. Even more so if you receive a message from someone else and you’re slightly disappointed.

One of the stronger signs is when you’re invited out when his friends are present. This is either that he really wants your friends to know you and it’s a good opportunity to see the company he keeps. It can also be to see if his friends approve of you and to see how well you can get along. He wouldn’t invite you if he wasn’t really keen as his friends are most likely very important to him. After all, you wouldn’t introduce a guy to your friends if you weren’t interested in him either so it’s a really positive sign.

Friends will also be able to gauge whether you’re both into each other or not. It’s usually a good sign when your friends are starting to develop an interest in how things are going between you two. Let’s face it, if they knew it’s not going to work out, they’re not likely to ask as they don’t want to upset you. If you have any mutual friends and they are asking how things are developing, that’s an even stronger sign that there’s something there.

People often spend lots of time wondering if someone is really into them or not. Most of the time it is obvious to friends but you may be blind to it as you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. That’s completely normal. Hopefully we’ve highlighted a few of the signs for you to help you know what the deal is and whether it’s real or not.

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