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​How To Find Love In 2018

You’ve spent the last few weeks tagging along with friends to Christmas and New Year parties in the vain hope of looking for love. Friends have looked after you well with all of the invites and you have managed to enjoy most of the events but your desire for something or someone interesting to pop into your life has remained unanswered to this point.

Crowded places may seem like you have more chance to meet someone by the weight of probability. The more people there are the more chance there is of finding someone right? Not necessarily as there’s too many distractions happening. The loud music, your friends wanting to introduce you to their friends and pressure to make small talk don’t always create the greatest opportunities. We’re not all extroverts and so we don’t all thrive in these situations.

Let’s look at some non-technological ways you can use in 2018 to let your future partner find you.

Firstly, have you ever considered volunteering for something you’re interested in or passionate about? A shared experience with someone who has a similar passionate interest as you would be a great foundation to any potential friendship or relationship. It would also make the conversation starting point a whole lot simpler. At the very least you get to enjoy the company of people who share similar interests as well as feeling good about how you have chosen to spend your spare time. Even if you don’t find love you will know that you have made a difference to other people in life who may not be as fortunate as yourself.

If volunteering isn’t for you or you don’t have that much time to spare then try and have coffee by yourself with a good book. Particularly at the current time of the year where most businesses are on a break, people need ways to spend their time. Consequently you’ll often find that having a quiet coffee offers up a higher chance of meeting someone than at any other time of the year. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy your time and it doesn’t even require much planning. It can just be a spur of the moment decision as to when you go. Invest some time in yourself and you may find someone brave enough to come up to you and want to get to know you.

If you’re a fitness fanatic or just wanting to become healthier then try joining a Pilates class or a Gym. Everyone there will have a similar interest and most likely a common goal to achieve. You don’t have to overdo it but by looking after yourself in one area may lead to an opportunity to meet someone of interest. If you’re a little bit shy, at least you know where you can meet them again without having to ask. A healthier body can lead to a healthier mind and when the two are aligned we feel more confident within ourselves.

Have you considered joining a club or group for 2018? It could be a local volleyball club, walking group or outdoor adventure group. Join somewhere that you’re going to look forward to attending and know that you’re going to have a great time no matter who is there. You’ll be spending quality time with like-minded people and this helps to build a bond a lot easier than meeting people at a night club or bar. You don’t have to totally commit yourself and can just test the waters around different clubs or groups until you find something that really works well for you.

Being able to do activities that you enjoy releases dopamine into your brain to give you that happy feeling. The same feeling that a chocolate lover experiences when they bite into their favourite chocolate. If you’re feeling happy with a bunch of like-minded people then they’re likely to be feeling happy about themselves too. Only good feelings to be experienced and hopefully you’ll be able to find love in 2018 from a place that maybe you didn’t think was possible. Remember, everything is always in the last place that you look.

Finally, we’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all of Qlocherie’s visitors, readers and customers. We hope you have a fantastic year full of health and happiness and thank you for taking the time to visit Qlocherie.

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