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How Do You Repay On Valentine's Day?

It’s the time of year where love is in the air. A reason to dress up and splurge on all things a partner loves. Valentine’s Day is all about love, Lingerie, flowers, food, dressing up and good conversation.

Single people out there need not despair, you don’t need to worry about having a cold one. You avoid having the stress of finding the right venue or the right outfit. Sure it would be nice to be spoilt rotten on the day of love but it doesn’t always go as well as expected as I once experienced.

My date and I were sitting across the table from a young couple enjoying a Valentine’s Day double date. The room was glowing in a romantic red light with roses as the table center pieces. The entree of a delicious and juicy duck breast with ravioli and a delightful sauce was lovingly presented in front of me. I could feel myself starting to salivate in anticipation of what was about to pass my lips. I was in a pre-meal kind of heaven.

I carefully stuck the fork into the duck with excited anticipation and just like that, my moment was broken. I overheard a comment from across the table. Uh-Oh, and even I know this wasn’t going to be well received. The words “I wish I’d never broken up with him” (referring to an ex-boyfriend) came from the lips of my friend to her boyfriend. I didn’t dare to look up but rather glance sideways to my date with a shocked look, waiting for the boyfriend’s response.

I’m not going to divulge the rest of that conversation except to add that the aforementioned couple are now married. There must have been some sweet talking to get themselves through the events of that night.

If you are lucky enough to be looking forward to a special Valentine’s date this year, why not return some of the love back to them. That’s assuming that they make the desirable amount of effort to make you feel even more special.

What better way to end a romantic Valentine’s night than wearing this beautiful Sexy Red Ribbon Bow Front Bra And Panty Lingerie Set. Set the scene with some candles, wine and a little romantic music in the background and let the mood take a hold of you both and inspire your desire.

Sexy Red Ribbon Bow Front Bra And Panty Lingerie Set

Sexy Red Ribbon Bow Front Bra And Panty Lingerie Set

The ribbon bow at the front affords a look that says unwrap me to reveal your gift. Another beautiful ribbon bow on the bottom helps to provide coverage granted by a rather cheeky revealing strappy design. Your love will absolutely adore this item on you.

If you fancy something with a little more tease then you will be on a winner in this gorgeous Romantic Red Chemise Lingerie Slip With Floral Lace Overlay. The lovely lacy straps provide some coverage but also allow your beauty to shine prominently through for an absolutely stunning look. The lace overlay provides a perfect complement to the color to really complete the look.

Romantic Red Chemise Lingerie Slip With Floral Lace Overlay

Romantic Red Chemise Lingerie Slip With Floral Lace Overlay

If either of the above haven’t convinced you, we think that this Sexy Open Bust Babydoll Lingerie will. Featuring an open bust design with an oversized red ribbon bow strategically placed, as the description says, you’ll open up the opportunity for a time of enchantment and fascination. Designed to be see through in places, you’ll give more than a glimpse of your beauty.

Sexy Open Bust Babydoll Lingerie

Sexy Open Bust Babydoll Lingerie

Even if you are spending a quiet time at home by yourself this Valentine’s Day, you can still make yourself feel special by donning your favorite Lingerie. There’s something empowering when you’re feeling sexy and that uplifting emotion always puts your mind in a good place.

So whether you’re excited for a romantic date or having some quality ‘me time’, you can still enjoy and embrace the meaning of the night. Who knows, it may be the last Valentine’s Day that you get to enjoy by yourself.

Just a quick tip if you are on a date this Valentine’s Day, save the topic of the ex for another time and place. Oh and I’m sure you were wondering how the duck was. It was even juicier and more delectable than I had imagined and I enjoyed it immensely. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I’ve never been on a double date for Valentine’s Day since.

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